American Tourist Groups could qualify for additional rebates.

Welcome to Tourism Ireland Group Rebate Program
2019 and beyond

About Our Group Rebate Program

You can qualify for 'Group Rebates' with American Groups with as little as 10 travelers!

You choose your length of stay, hotels, sights, and meals. We'll pay you a Group Rebate and in advance, 30 days before your trip!

You'll Receive Generous Rebate Payments

With as little as 20 passengers on a 10 day tour your group could qualify for a Group Rebate of $4,000.00

With 40 passengers on a 10 day tour your group could qualify for a Group Rebate of $12,000.00 

Without adding cost to your members tour package!

Choose your Itinerary. Choose your tour. We will offer sample Tours or You can pick from any tour on the Internet. We’ll book the tour. You get the rebates!


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Tourism Ireland Group Rebate Program

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